What happened after the big bang? In expansive installations, performance and video, the students of Basisklasse of the Muthesius Kunsthochschule present their insights. They were won in a workshop with unbaked clay in the former Schleckermarkt Kiel-Gaarden.


"The world has born itself in a big bang you think. But it was not that easy. Nothing comes from nothing and everything has its price. The big bang was hard work. The world-building professionals of Utopion GmbH have developed on seven infinite days, which in the end seems as easy and natural as a finger snap. Utopion presents "Big Bong live" in 2015" says workshop leader Jihae An.


Exhibition 02.04. – 26.04.2015

Daily window show before opening

23.-26.03. + 30.03-01.04.


Vernissage 02.04.2015

Participating Artists: Linn Johanna Johannsen, Johanna Gerken, Jan "Jimmy" Hamann, Miriam Grabow, Malte Behrens, Jakob Léon Bockhardt, Ann-Kathrin Sonntag, Nina Hartmann