2020 distance |Excerpts from drawing series about the current world virus situation

2017 "Being Mom" @Offenes Atelier | Galerie Dechanatstraße Bremen
Acryl on Canvas 1,05x1,45m (the space I need for comfy breastfeeding)

Sometime after the big bang someone had to invent something edible.The first fruits of the world, however, have it in themselves: they are highly toxic and edible for us humans only with a weight of exactly 301g. They thrive best in raised beds of the approximate size of a human coffin. In this cultivation form, the bitter aftertaste can be reduced to a minimum.


You are lucky - today the time has come.

2015 "Utopions" @Big Bong live | Künstler34 e.V. Kiel-Gaarden | raw clay, wood, spray paint, fog machine 1,80x0,60x0,40m

2016 "grown" @Schnelle Formen - innere Bilder mit Julia Kröpelin | Arfrade Muthesius Kiel
Nautical chart, trash bags, jute | 0,90x0,45m

2016 "no title (Stained glass window replica, excerpt from St. Michaels Parish Church in Linlithgow, UK"
@021/103 | Retirement home St. Nicolai Kiel | Window Color 2,50x1,30m

2016 "no title (Replica of the semicircular stained glass window by Sigmar Polke in the Großmünster Zurich, CH)"
@021/103 | Retirement home St. Nicolai Kiel | Window Color 1,60x0,69m

2015 "Elasticity" constantly growing since 2014 | Basisklasse Muthesius Kiel
  Hair ties picked up in Hamburg, fishing line 1,00x1,80m

2015 "Tiny BBQ" Commune Wörthstraße Kiel | Picture cut-out, grill

2015 "Hair" Commune Wörthstraße Kiel | hand-spun and woven human hair 0,28x0,62m

2014 "Sliced tree centered in ply wood" Commune Wörthstraße Kiel 50x50cm

2014 "It's fair to say there is nothing to say" @Basisklasse Muthesius Kiel | Blank sheets in envelopes sent to adresses in phone book